An Aternative to Poisions in Your Lotions and Potions

Healing Oils of the Bible

Here is an alternative to those poisons in your lotions and potions in the previous article.

Don’t you agree that sometimes you may pick up a book and it grabs your attention with such force that you feel you cannot put it down. It must be read now! That is how I felt when I went looking for a certain book on Amazon about essential oils. I did find several and but the one that grabbed by attention (sometimes God does that for His reasons) was called Healing Oils of the Bible by David Stewart, PhD.

What are healing oils? Healing oils of the Bible are all essential or aromatic oils.

These oils are the vital fluids of plants that are their life blood usually found in the petals, skins, leaves or even bark of the plant. They are called “essential” because they are necessary for the life of the plant. Essential oils are composed of tiny molecules that penetrate into every cell of our body, as healing therapy. Essential oils were inhaled, applied to the body and taken internally by the people of biblical times.

Have you ever studied Genesis? When God created the world, He spoke it into existence by His very Word. That included every plant, fruit tree or blade of grass which produced its own seed after its own kind. When you think about it, that’s what makes essential oils so special as they contain power from the Word of God.

Right about now, you are either inspired by this article or you are ready to dismiss it. Please read on. I know most everyone has read that the Wise Men brought Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh to the Christ child at His birth. Frankincense and Myrrh was oils as precious and as expensive as gold. But why those two oils? They were used as gifts for Kings and traded, along with other oils for spices and other goods. They both have many uses.

Frankincense is still an expensive essential oil today. It comes from tree bark and is only grown in the hot deserts of the Arab countries. It is extremely costly to produce and is very popular asa healing oil. Research has shown it may now be used in curing cancer. Myrrh is equally as expensive and is also used for healing – especially during biblical times.

However, the key to using essential oils effectively is that hey must be 100% therapeutic oils made through distillation and the right intense heat. No additives. And no synthetics. All oilsare NOT created equally. Just like everything else that is “watered down”, they will not be effective.

Essential oils that are gaining popularity and I highly encourage you to do a medicine cabinet makeover and dispose of your OTC medications which come with a high price tag and side effects too numerous to mention here. Many oils can also be used in place of prescription drugs.

Essentials oils can be used on infants, toddlers and all other age groups. Some oils, such as cinnamon oil will need a carrier oil usually coconut oil. Other oils may be put directly on the skin. The bottoms of the feet have the largest pores on your body so the oil penetrates evenly and quickly.

I am a huge fan of Dr. Joshua Axe who has much more information on his website about the oils and their uses. Check it out at:

If you need a quick reference guide, I have made an infographic so that when you decide to include essential oils in your health and wellness retirement lifestyle you will have the needed information at your fingertips.

To get the Essential Oils infographic  . . .

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