About Me

About Jan

I’m Jan and I’m so glad you stopped by today. I help retiring women 55+ by providing tips, tools and resources to inspire and help them create their best life yet.


I am a Mom for two, Grandmother of three and married my college sweetheart a long time ago. Actuallly, 50 1/2 years ago. I am an entreprenuer at heart and have always found myself in a position to motivate and support women at all levels. You might say, it is my passion and definitely my purpose.

Can you relate to Maxine?

So, it seemed like a logical progression to follow that path in retirement. After hitting several bumbs in the road myself, I found women today DO need the right support system and tools to do what they have always dreamed of doing. Around 50% of professional women walk away from their careers with a financial plan, but only 5% with a life plan. What they lack is a roadmap to take them on this journey called retirement.

Now, what’s next?

That is a familiar question we all have to face when we one day walk away from our careers and have to face the question: what’s next? 

Most of the information out there is focussed on financial planning for retirement and while that is important, so is life planning. Research shows it can take 2-5 years to adjust to the transition! 

That’s where I come in.

I was one of those statistics. You see, I flunked retirement. I was not emotionally or financially prepared. (We were financially prepared, but I was not. Big difference.) My husband retired two years earlier than we had planned. Medical reasons. I follow his lead. Without much of a plan, so I thought, we sold our home, bought another one and moved all in about 6 weeks.

We moved to an area where we used to visit friends for over 20 years. An area I swore I would never live! What just happened here? What about my plan? Our plan? Did we even have a plan?

The Problem: The Unspoken Plan.

It was my husband’s secret desire to play golf with his long time golfing buddy. They had one day planned to try and play every golf course in the Myrtle Beach area and they did. (PS. I do not play golf. Tried it. Not for me.) All of a sudden there were three in this retirement plan. It was all so very disappointing. A huge let down.

The Solution:

I was so unhappy that resentment, anger, jealousy and even depression followed me.

After several years of this, a friend called to introduce me to a Christian faith based program called, Cleansing Streams. It was here that I knew I had to get back to using my faith for healing, forgiveness and becoming the woman I used to be.

Enter: The Bait of Satan

Yes, you read that right. This book clearly changed my life on a snare that Satan himself lures you into.

And that is the trap of being “offended”. It is the most difficult obstacle a person has to face and overcome.

The sad part, I was totally unaware of the “bait”, as most people are. I knew it had affected my relationship with God, my husband and many others around me.

It is a book I use often in helping women let go of baggage, learn how to forgive and why they must forgive. YES. it’s difficult, but with God anything is possible.

There is also a guidebook that goes along with the book, that I highly reccommend. It makes for a great “interactive” study.

The Outcome

Here I am almost ten years later. And I have dedicated my life’s purpose to help women understand this principle and other major changes in mindset that we must do in order to live a life of peace and joy. I was called to write my book, Faith Full Retirement during the summer or 2016. I wrote it in about 3 months becasue the words just flowed onto the paper. Divine intervention at its best.

1st Edition – 2015

2nd Edition – 2019

Now, the book is in it’s 2nd edtion and I continue to provide tools and resources for retiring women. I believe it’s never too late to begin again. Never too late dream again. No matter what. Yes, in this world, you will have trouble, but there is a force stronger than the world. Faith Full Retirement will help you see the world differently so that you may experience that joy in your later years.

My Gift for You

I would like to offer you a free gift. I have put together a Retirement Readiness Checklist with the nine focus areas of planning for a joyful 2nd act. All you have to do is click on the button. Enter your email and receive instant download.

My Offer for You

I have put together a Facebook Group, Faith Full Retirement, where we can share ideas, offer solutions and support one another. I am live every Thursday starting in July. I would love to see you there.

And that’s a little about me. So looking forward to learning about you!